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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GPS Sport Tracker v1.40

GPS Sport Tracker v1.40 |
Price: Free

GPS Sport Tracker is a FREE small usefull program designed for anyone who enjoys cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking. The software provides realtime statistic like current speed, altitude, distance, etc. and data for post analysis using PC.

GPS Sport Tracker Main Features:

1) Speed (current, average, max.), time to pass 1 km (1 mi)
2) Altitude (current, total up, total down)
3) Distance
4) Heading
5) Metric and imperial units
6) Time, elapsed time, simple lap timer
7) Track view with zoom in, zoom out, center start position, center current position
8) Offline maps, different renders available
9) Elevation profile, points where max speed, max and min altitude were achived
10) GPS signal availability, satellite info, settings for accuracy
11) Simple waypoints, waypoints with a photo, latitude and longitude can be printed on the picture
12) Save track, export track in GPX format. Log is also available when battery dies
13) Loading saved tracks (GST, GPX), using saved tracks as a backgorund track
14) Extended power management, program lock
15) Bearing back to the anchor, anchor alarm
15) Translations
What is new in version 1.4.0:
New features:
- Translations
- Some design changes
- Crash using Hebrew locale

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6, 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5


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