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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SBSH PocketBreeze v5.5.7

SBSH PocketBreeze v5.5.7 |
Price: Free

Manage your busy agenda using the all new PocketBreeze, placing your important agenda information directly on your Today screen wrapped with a stylish design that will guarantee a dramatic improvement in your daily productivity!

Development log
* Fix memory leak and corruption experienced upon PB reload
* Performance optimizations to improve scrolling speed
* Rework thumb icon support
* Support custom cateogry icons (contained in zip files)
* Support mini status bar size
* Rework tap/double-tap logic
* Allow tapping anywhere on line (more thumb friendly for expand/preview/complete actions)
* Allow appointment tap to show note (if no other action enabled and note exists)
* Move "Popup Calendar" option to top of popup menu
* New option for popup calendar on appointment double click
* Add "Today" option to day heading's menu when a date range is loaded
* Prevent popups when sliding tabs
* Fix top button positioning on popup calendar (WM 6.5)
* Fix "Edit Appointment" to prompt on recurring appointments
* Fix filter categories support
* Allow system Ok/Close functions to close monthly calendar
* Compress icons on monthly calendar when necessary
* Remove obsolete Cut/Copy icons on pinned calendar
* Updated Spanish translation
* Add several missing strings to translation files
* Settings: Fix reversed "right icon" Calendar/Task settings
* Settings: Fix crash if icon store is missing
* Settings: Fix checked state when moving tab settings

Requirements :