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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fake FingerPrint LockScreen v1.60

Fake FingerPrint LockScreen v1.60 |
Price: Free

About: This Program is, as the name says, a LockScreen based on the concept of faking a FingerPrint scanner unlock. In reality, it is based simply on how many 'scans' it makes of your finger. This was a program idea from here. I am going to provide active updates for the program, starting with small things such as improving customization, etc. and ranging all the way up to converting the whole project (which is currently in C# .net CF 3.5) into a C++ Project for best speed and 'useability'!

  • Functional Lockscreen that is run when executing the file.
  • TopBar Items:
    • New Item Alerts: Featuring Icons that tell you when you have new Emails, Missed Calls, Voicemails, and Texts
    • Battery Meter: A full battery meter that changes color based on battery charge.
    • Clock: A Basic clock that displays the time of day.
    • Signal Meter: A Mostly-Accurate signal meter that tells you how much phone signal you have
  • Functioning Fake Fingerprint reader.
  • Customization of some components of the program.
How to Install:
  1. Download the attached CAB file.
  2. Transfer the CAB to your phone and run it.
  3. Install to the PHONE (I have not tested it on SD Card)
  4. Complete the Installation.
  5. Done.
How to Use:
  • To Customize: In the start menu go to CycloneApps / FFP_LockScreen and run the Customization EXE.
    • Enter appropriate values into each field and click OK.
  • To Use:
    • Locking: Run the FFP_LockScreen EXE.
    • Unlocking: This program unlocks based on a counter. When you put your finger down on the scan-zone it will start moving a scanner down and up. It starts at the top. When it hits the bottom, the counter will be at ONE, when it goes and hits the top, it will be TWO, and so forth. When you release your finger, if the counter value matches the programmed value (Default is 6, but it can be customized), it will unlock, otherwise it will not.