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Sunday, August 8, 2010

JavaShortcut v1.10

JavaShortcut v1.10 |
Price: Free

This program is designed for all, who don't like to run a java emulator and then run some midlets. It's much easier way to do that. Just run this app, choose your midlet and add an shortcut for it. JavaShortcut will create a new shortcut for that midlet and when you run it, it starts your emulator with that midlet. Supports: Esmertec Jbed, Esmertec Jeodek, Jbed3Dmod, JBlend. Changes made from version 1.0: -fixed crashing at startup -fixed custom Start Menu paths -if your emulator is not shown, edit paths in Settings.ini -added Norwegian language (thanks to Svein Brekke) -added updater -column with midlet names is adjusted to screen -language list is sorted alphabetically -added support for JBlend

.NET CF 3.5 one of the supported emulators