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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pilot Pocket Checklists v1.25

Pilot Pocket Checklists v1.25 |
Price: Free

Using PilotPocket Checklists you can create, edit and use checklists for all your preflight and flying tasks. You can go through the checklists using arrow keys only - you need only one hand and no stylus.
Features at a glance
  • Keyboard-only mode support (stylus is required for editing)
  • Configurable item text size.
  • Full-screen mode support - no wasted space for menus and status bars.
  • Fast switching between checklists.
  • Unlimited number of checklists and checklist items
1.25 version updates
  • Fixed problem with item notes text. Previously only part of the text was shown without any text wrapping.
  • Added option to exit the program without the message box. Check Buttons options screen.
  • Added option to select the default checklist file and checklist every time program is opened.