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Saturday, October 16, 2010

AlarmPal v1.72

AlarmPal v1.72 |
alarmPal is a simple "small footprint" tool designed to provide repeating alarms for all important events. It can be added to tray, title-bar or run in hidden mode.

alarmNotes are also available to quickly write a short note or voice message to be reminded of later.

In addition a list of the last 10 callers is available to quickly dial your frequent contacts.

Here are some key features of "alarmPal":
· Customizable repeating alarms
· Application runs from tray, title-bar or hidden
· Alarms for Email, SMS, MMS, Voicemail, Missed Calls and Reminders
· Support for 3rd party products including Flexmail, Xpress Mail and Emoze
· WAV, MP3, WMA and MIDI alarms (Midi not supported for Treo 700wx)
· alarmNotes for simple handwritten alarms or voice messages
· Quick-Dial option with list of last 10 telephone contacts
· Task Switcher to access / close any running application
· Supports VGA / Landscape and square screens
· Simple installation

v1.72:[Build 45] (22nd September 2010)
Adjust icon for smaller WM 6.5.3 title-bar
AlarmNotes improved for WM 6.5.3
Date / Time control improved

Requirements : Windows Mobile 5/6.x