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Saturday, October 16, 2010

MMTaskManager v2.1.1

MMTaskManager v2.1.1 |
MMTaskManager is a small and simple task manager that allows you to easily and quickly switch between current running applications. It also allows you to close any selected application or all applications right on your finger tips.

In additional to closing applications, MMTaskManager reports how much memory each of the application uses to see which application takes up the most space in memory. The app also display the total amount of memory your device has as well as available memory.

09/22/2010 - Version 2.1.100918

Added: Under Settings, Load On Boot. Option to load MMTM on device startup.
Added: Under Settings, Load On Boot Delay. Delay app start up in seconds. This only effects Load On Boot.
Added: Under Settings, Show Process Memory. Option to show/hide each process memory usage.
Modified: User Interface. When Show Process Memory is disabled, process item will be displayed smaller.
Modified: Closing form method. The new method should be cleaner and safer.
Modified: Reorganize menu items.
Fixed: Bug related to home button doesn't return home screen in previous version.
Fixed: Bug related to some apps couldn't be closed in previous version.

Requirements : Windows Mobile 6.x Professional, .NET Compact Framework 3.5