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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aiko Solutions SecuWipe v1.1

Aiko Solutions SecuWipe v1.1 |
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SecuWipe is data wiping tool that irretrievably erases data on your mobile device. It can be set up to wipe the data automatically on soft reset, on SMS or under a host of other conditions.

SecuWipe is an advanced data wiping solution that completely removes all traces of sensitive information from Windows phones and Pocket PCs - remotely and locally, manually and automatically. It is a flexible tool that can become your last shield when the device gets into intruder's hands.
SecuWipe will securely wipe all mobile device space including:
•Contacts, Calls
•SMS, MMS messages
•Email messages and accounts
•Notes, Recordings, Appointments, Tasks
•Internet Cache, Cookies and History
•Free Space
•SD card(s)
•Files and Folders

Version 1.1
New features:
1. Added Wipe Sheduler with remote wipe via SMS, Untrusted SIM wipe, Time-based wiping, Soft-Reset wiping
2. Added Command line support
3. System files can not be wiped
4. Added SD card formatting
5. Added Recycle Bin wiping for Windows CE (via Custom Wipe)
Fixed bugs:
1. Fixed issues with 800x480 screen
2. Improved behavior when wiping "root" of the device

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5