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Monday, October 1, 2007

Four Winds Mah Jong

Download Four Winds Mah Jong

Welcome to the home of Four Winds Mah Jong Pocket PC version!
This site concentrates on the features specific to the Pocket PC version. For general information on the game and on the PC

version, please visit our main site.

Four Winds 1.0 for Pocket PC was initially released on August 10, 2003, and the most recent version is 1.08 that was released on

April 6 2005. It supports ARM devices that run on Pocket PC 2002/2003 (now also VGA devices). Depending on the demand, there

will be separate versions for other handheld computers, and at a later stage possibly also for certain mobile phones.
The Pocket PC version is functionally identical with the desktop version version 1.14, but has some enhanced features and the

outlook of the new 2.0 desktop version. The saved games are binary compatible with the desktop version 1.14 (and earlier) so the

games can be played interchangeably with the PC and Pocket PC versions of the game.
Note: The desktop version 1.14 is no longer for sale, but it can be used with a version 2.x registration number (and naturally with a

version 1.x registration number if you have one). If you are a registered user of any desktop version, you can download version

1.14 desktop version here.
Note: This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later, or Netscape version 6.0 or later, or any other

browser supporting fully Java and cascading style sheets, e.g., Opera and Mozilla. If you are browsing the site with a handheld

device, please