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Monday, October 8, 2007

Reckless Thief

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Things are complicated by the fact that the levels are deliberately designed to make life difficult for you. Just as the old wire loop

game would see you having to navigate horrendous twists, so Reckless Thief's levels will see you weaving left and right, up and

down and diagonally. What's more, there are also various moving obstacles - whether it's revolving, plunging or expanding, you'll

need to be on your toes!

The final element in the game is the time limit. Not only do you need to watch where you're going, you also need to keep an eye

on the clock. Fail to reach the diamond before the time expires and it's game over.

The combination is intoxicating. The game manages to achieve a sense of excitement and suspense that, apart from one short

break, had me playing right through to the end. For a game with such a seemingly simplistic concept, I found the gameplay to be

both highly enjoyable and deeply addictive. The levels are, by and large, beautifully designed, with obstacles and traps a-plenty,

and enough variation to keep you hooked.