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Friday, October 26, 2007

Warehouse Guy CE

Download Warehouse Guy CE
Warehouse Guy is a free Sokoban game for Palm-size PC's running Windows CE 2.x. It features more than 350 levels, support for loading external level collections and unlimited

undo and redo. Source code is also available.

Warehouse Guy CE is not strictly new to our database. We have had for a long time a MIPS and SH3 version which dates to the heroic Windows CE 2 era. The program was under

GPL licence, Rudis Muiznieks has taken the source code and compiled the program for ARM processors.
It is without a doubt the best port for the Pocket PC of this classic computer game, Sokoban.
This program won't get the Oscar for Originality but it remains an excellent way to kill some time and is easy to get new levels at the website.