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Monday, October 29, 2007

Porta Pinball

Download Porta Pinball
At last a free pinball game.
A maybe too simple board, with quite good graphics, and reasonable playability giving a pleasant game.
But it stops there! The slowness of the ball and the poor "feel" of the flippers quickly make it tiresome.
It is possible to customise the board a little by downloading skins from the author's site.
But, be aware that they are only skins, and not new boards.
In conclusion, far from the commercial pinball games such as Bounty Hunter and Young paladin, this game is promising, it remains to be seen whether the author will improve on the game.
NB: You need the Gapi dll (gx.dll) to make it work.
Very amusing.
PS: Please excuse the poor quality of the screenshot, but I could not do any better!