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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Iconsoft Phone Extension v1.1

Iconsoft Phone Extension 1.1 | 10757 KB | Download


The Iconsoft Phone Extension (PhonEx) is a new generation program implementing a new type of user interface for managing the main functions of a phone, built on the basis of the Iconsoft Mobile Engine. PhonEx opens up new possibilities for easy interaction using simple touch, without the stylus, while retaining all the capabilities of a Windows Mobile device.


· Convenient and intuitive interface
· Interaction using simple touch (without stylus)
· Today plug-in
· Address book
· Photo contacts (including SIM contacts)
· Individual tune for calls (including SIM contacts)
· Expanded call history for each contact
· Image library
· Favorites group
· Full-screen incoming call
· Full-screen Dialer
· New and easy Phonepad
· Convenient contact search
· Personalization
· Broad options capability
· and much more!


Windows Mobile 2003 or later