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Monday, March 9, 2009

WM5torage v1.8

WM5torage 1.8 | 84 KB | Download


This program will export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device (ordinary "usb disk") - effectively turning smartphone into flash reader (albeit USB 1.0 only, and not very fast). It was tested with Tornado Smartphone Platform with recent firmware update. It could work with other phones and even with PDAs, hovewer I cant be sure about compatibility, as I had to break some specifications to defuse "anomalies" (bugs?) in the propietary HTC/OMAP USB hardware driver. When activated, memory card will not be accessible in the smartphone, as all direct access to the flash card will be routed to USB. Take note that if some currently running programs have files open from the storage card, that can prevent Mass Storage from activation ("error 1f"). In that case, try to close all running programs (soft reset is needed sometimes). Application installed to "Accessories" Start Menu subfolder. Windows Mobile 5 is required. Sorry, but I cant possibly make it work on WM 2003, as only WM5 allows USB protocol implementation separate from USB hardware driver - on WM 2003 Ill have to rewrite whole USB hardware drivers, and of course its not feasible. If you want to uninstall it, I strongly recommend to de-activate mass storage mode first. Of course, you will also need full application unlock. Take note that some recipies do not do full unlock, they still leave some API locked. People who getting "error 57" most likely havent fully unlocked their smartphones. Try this one:
to HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies
add new value "0000101b": dword = 1 That would set security model to "one-tier" - unsigned applications/components will still ask for confirmation, but after you confirm, they will launch in full-trust access mode, like on WM5 PocketPCs. WARNING:
The ability to choose different card slots to export will potentially allow you to export the system(firmware) storages/disk partitions. While it can be very powerful tool, improper use of it may damage the firmware data and will require a re-flashing, or in worst cases it may even render the device PERMANENTLY unusable. There is no 100% way to automatically determine if the given storage device is the system one, WM5torage will only try to make guesses about it and display warnings, but its not 100% proof. So if you see the "second free memory card available", dont rush with formatting it/copying data on it (especially when you know that your device have only one card slot)!! You have been warned!