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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sanoodi | 2552KB | Download

Sanoodi is the easy way to map, review and share your outdoor activities. You can use Sanoodi to explore outdoor routes and activities, to meet like-minded people and to share what you love doing. Sanoodi is available online and on GPS enabled mobile phones and PDAs.

The world is covered by Sanoodi. Routes stretching millions of kilometres across the globe have been uploaded by the Sanoodi community. You can use Sanoodi’s maps to find routes that are local to you, the most recent routes anywhere, including ones being created live. Sanoodi covers all kinds of activity at all levels of difficulty. So whether you enjoy casual walks, distance running, extreme kayaking or all of these activities, you’ll find routes you can explore and people that like those things too.

Sanoodi includes many thousands of people who enjoy outdoor activities. You can meet them by joining groups or forming your own, taking part in events, creating hubs or simply by talking to them. Groups are free to create and can be based on activities, a location, the mobile or PDA you use, as well as things like, equipment you love or a favorite website. Hubs are also free to set up, they can be individuals, clubs or businesses and they will be into, or connected to, outdoor activities. Hubs are very much part of the Sanoodi community. You will see them on maps if they are located near a route and alongside relevant information.

Sanoodi is home to exciting adventures and inspiring adventurers. Join in by sharing your routes, images and thoughts. You can create new routes, edit old ones, add images and comments to routes and build up your Sanoodi profile. Sanoodi gives you the tools to control who you share with and to protect your privacy. You can let everyone see your routes and where you live or restrict access to your activities. Your home address always remains private.