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Thursday, March 5, 2009

IFonZ v2.0.0.1 Beta

IFonZ Beta | 1119 KB | Download


iFonz is a Windows Mobile application that emulates the popular iPhone interface.

The program can be installed either on the Pocket PC or Memory Card.

Once installed, to configure it, just tap and hold on the background.

If you want to configure an icon just tap and hold on it.

To minimize the program or see more information, tap and hold on the battery and a drop-down menu will appear.

To exit the program just tap on the battery.

If you add more pages, you can scroll through them by dragging the touch screen to the right or left, or by using the directional pad.

There are lots of other options to discover.

Installation: Simply create a folder on your Pocket PC, extract the files contained in the corresponding zip archive (VGA or QVGA) and start iFonz.


· Set different backgrounds
· Set a lot of animation effects
· Set infinite number of pages with 12 icons for each page
· Set icon's picture, description and shortcut command
· Works in portrait and in landscape mode
· Switch from one page to another using the touch screen or the directional pad


· Windows Mobile 5/6
· .NET Compact Framework 3.5