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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cinka v1.0

Cinka 1.0 | Download
Cinka is an addictive and challenging word game. Cinka requires the player to guess a 5 letter word in 5 tries and within a selected time. The top row is the word to be guessed, and starts off showing the first letter of the word. Other green letters are displayed in this first row as you correctly guess the letters. Your overall score is also shown on the first row. Enter 5 letters per guess word. The guess word is evaluated, showing green letters where the letter and position are correct, orange where the letter is correct but the position is wrong, and red for an incorrect letter. The top row word is updated for all green letters. You can select from 3 play levels (see Settings): Novice, Player, Pro or Expert - this will set the number of seconds per guess. You start with 3 lives, and lose 1 life if you cannot guess the word in 5 tries, or if the time expires on a guess word. You gain a life every 5 games. The game is over if you lose all of your lives. You are always under pressure from the timer as it ticks down, trying to steal a precious life. Guess the word before the buzzer goes.

Cinka must be installed in the "\Program Files\Cinka" directory.

• Windows Mobile 2003
• ARM Processors