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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Conversion v1.0

Quick Conversion 1.0 | Download
Quick Conversion allows you to convert between measurements quickly and easily. Install it on your Pocket PC PDA and convert measurements wherever you are! Quck Conversion allows you to convert the following types of measurements:
- Area
- Speed
- Force
- Pressure and stress
- Line density
- Time
- Density
- Spread rate (by volume or mass)
- Computer
- Angular measurement
- Torque
- Mass
- Volume
- Length
- Power
- Energy
- Temperature How to Use:
Simply select the type of measurement, enter how many and select the type you wish to convert to. For example to convert a temperature measurement:
- Select Temperature from the Conversion Category field.
- Select Celsius from the From field and type a number into the text field below.
- Select Fahrenheit from the To field. Adding New Measurements:
You can also can also add your own measurement types - simply create a reference file containing all the units and their ratios to each other. More information on creating new types is included in the readme.txt file.

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