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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NSE Ticker v1.0

NSE Ticker v1.0 | 12 KB | Download


NSE Ticker is useful for Stock Exchange Live Feeds. National Stock Exchange (NSE) India offers live feed on Mobile site, that provides minute to minute price ticks. You may add stocks of your interest and press Refresh button to get current prices. Stock charts are available on hyperlinks. Charts are available through (15 minutes delayed) Yahoo servers. Now, newer interface enables you to watch the scrips as seen on most Trade Terminals. Top of the table now also displays NIFTY and SENSEX, available from NSE and BSE mobile sites, respectively. Note that : This software is developed for ease of operation and no claim is made for the authenticity of the scrips prices displayed. The network traffic may delay the transmission of data and the prices may not reflect real-time values. All data are available through NSE official web site. The software simply puts different scrips together and fetches live prices through this site. Use and Enjoy.... Installation guideline Download the NSE_Ticker.CAB file Store it anywhere on your device Click to install You will find NSE Ticker in the Program Start Menu group General HelpTo add new scrips, select "ADD SCRIPS" from Menu (Left soft Key). To add scrips which are not available on standard list but are listed on NSE, you may edit the file from your device named "NSETicker_Scrips.txt. This file is stored in device internal memory, even if the software is installed on external memory. Add exact scrip name as listed on NSE and save the file. Be sure not to save in WORD format, the format should be simple text." To remove existing scrip from ticker list, select "REMOVE SCRIPS" from Menu. A message will appear to confirm removal from list. Press YES to remove it from ticker list. Remove however, maintains the list of standard (F&O;) scrips. Scrips removed may be added anytime from this list To save the existing scrip list, select "SAVE LIST TO FILE" from Menu. File will be saved in the device's internal memory at root folder, named NSETicker_Scrips.txt. You may edit this file manually to change scrips list, group the list or sort the list. To reload the existing scrip list, select "READ LIST FROM FILE" from Menu. The hyperlinks available on Scrip Name (first column) enables to view daily chart (as available free from Yahoo server). If you are unable to view the chart to good extent, use "WIDE PAGE" to look at it properly.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1