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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NetBubbles v1.0

NetBubbles 1.0 | Download
NetBubbles is a new version of Freebubbles, a well known game now that Jawbreaker has been included with all Windows Mobile 2003 machines. Do I really need to explain that you must remove the maximum number of balls from a grid? You have time to think as the first click only shows what will disappear and how many points you will get for it. The options allows you to set the number of colours, and the scores are saved. It is also possible to replay the same game, which will be interesting to many. We have many programs like this in our database, and this, while faster and more complete than its predecessor, doesn't offer anything original. Its main interest, I would say, is that the source code is supplied: the stated goal of CodePPC and that team is to help developers.

• Pocket PC
• ARM Processors
.Net Compact Framework