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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cliquick v4.1

License: Free
Price: Free

Double your typing speed with Cliquick, a brilliant new keypad layout with finger friendly keys that leave you more valuable screen space.

Cliquick is the fastest and easiest mobile text input solution. The Cliquick keypad doubles the typing speed and simplifies text input on mobile phones and other electronic devices, thus inspiring users to explore and enjoy all the features and services the device has to offer (email, sms, IM etc.). The keypad is equipped with finger friendly keys that leave users with more valuable screen space. So simple and brilliant that it is hard to believe no one thought of this before!
Cliquick is self explanatory and functions just like the standard Multitap keypad. Recent International market trials indicated that subsequent to typing merely five sentences, users have already experienced faster typing vs. using the regular Multitap keypad which they have been using for years. After merely one hour of usage, participants already experienced nearly 50% faster typing with Cliquick over Multitap (users are expected to experience nearly 100% faster texting subsequent to additional usage). The vast majority of users said they would prefer using the Cliquick rather than using the Multitap keypad.


100% faster than the standard Multitap phone-pad (50% faster within an hour of texting)
70% of text require only a single tap to enter - Most frequent letters are assigned in first position
2 characters per key instead of 3
1 tap to switch between any of the modes
Faster than Semi-Qwerty "Pearl"


Cliquick integrated to the word auto-completion feature, which simplifies text input and makes it faster
Cliquick will suggest words as you type
Using the word-completion feature reduces the number of key presses by 15-20% and dramatically reduces the number of misprints
Self explanatory and intuitive
Virtually no learning curve; five sentences to master
Visible symbol entry without changing modes


Large keys
Small and three customizable keypad sizes
Additional valuable screen space availability
Utilizes the best pointing device available; our fingers!
Eliminates thumb stress, better visibility for the elderly
Less typos due to: bigger keys, simplified usage, wysiwyg


Visual and customizable vibration and typewriter sound feedbacks are available upon tapping the keys. Thus reducing mistakes and make typing more fun
Applicable to all languages and already supports English, Russian, Korean and Hebrew
Simple and fast entry of mixed text entry of alphanumeric, symbols and multilingual text

The Technology
The cornerstone of the Cliquick solution is the redistribution of the alphabet from 8 keys onto all 12 keys of a numeric keypad. Thus utilizing 50% more character keys without adding keys to the numeric keypad. As a result, ten of the most frequent letters are located in the first position and thus require a single tap for entry. This enables users to tap once to enter a letter in 70% of the cases. Since only 2 characters are assigned to each key, the third position on each key is mapped to each of the ten most commonly used punctuation marks.

Applying Cliquick requires a software add-on that may be loaded over the air
No hardware modifications are required
Functions just like all the other pre-installed keypads on the device
Works in conjunction with all text application (browser, messaging, notepad...)
Available for all WM handsets and will soon be available for most other OS
Cliquick is the only keypad solution offering the ease of use of having a full keyboard along with the benefits of having a small form factor numeric keypad.

Windows Mobile 5/6