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Sunday, April 18, 2010

LocationAware 0.30

License: Free
Price: Free

Location Aware is an automatic volume profile switcher.
This application works out of the data received from GSM signals.(NO CDMA)
so almost all windows mobile devices can use it.I developed it on my elf and it seems it is working
Requires GSM network, Windows Mobile , .Net CF 3.5

1. Battery Friendly, No active background process.
2. No GPS needed.
3. User configurable interval to check for location.

Well it works like this:
1. Install it.

2. Open the Location Aware(from programs)

3. When ever you start the app it will vibrate the device 2 times and then asks "Add this Location".

4. Click OK and it prompts to save the volume level for this location and save.

5. Adjust the volume level as you desire from the Slider on right hand side of screen.

6. Then goto Menu and Save Location Mode, this should save the setting for this location(Prompt will be displayed).

7. Now you can let the application run itself every X mins to check for new location and prompt you whenever a new location is found.

8. To set the interval time goto Menu -> "Stopped" this should open up a panel to enter the interval time, fill it and click set. "Stopped" should be changed to "Running". Now you can Exit.

9. If prompt is not dismissed or OKayed within 1 min(Automode). It dismisses itself and will prompt again if new location is found after next X mins.

10. The limit for interval is 2-60 mins, that means the app will run itself after every X mins and check for location, if a new location is found it vibrates
and then asks you to save this location or not, in case you dont respond to it, it will close itself after 1 min.
and in case the location was already saved it will automatically apply the volume profile.

Basically as you keep on using it the database keeps on growing and in parallel profile settings gets more customized.

PS: You may notice that the taskbar volume indicator is not changed, but that is normal. The volume setting is still applied as per your choice
1. Reflect the volume level changes in the taskbar volume icon
2. New mode added "AutoSave", enabling it makes the app save new location automatically with the last volume preference, whenever a new location is found.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, .NetCF 3.5