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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flashlight v2.2

Flashlight v2.2 |
Price: Free

Use your Pocket PC as flashlight.You can use the whole brightness of the screen, set color, choose from different lamps and let it blink.

Choose out of 16 possible opportunities:
Halogenlamp 50 W, LED 6x, LED 3W, Candle, Moon, Sun, Fire, Thunderstorm, traffic light, (red, yellow, green), little traffic-light man (red, green), whole screen white or colored.
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Save settings at closing
  • Set any color
  • Let it blink (800 ms)

    To find something in the dark it usually suffices to simply switch on the Pocket PC and then shine on the object. Therefore it does not matter wether the screen is set completely white or not. But this program brings fun in the daily routine. Use it on Parties or show it your friends� Since owning a Software flash light does no one else.

  • Requirements:
    · Windows Mobile 2003/5/6
    · Flash Player