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Thursday, August 5, 2010

MoblMsg 2.0 Group SMS Lite v2.01

MoblMsg 2.0 Group SMS Lite v2.01 |

MoblMsg is an application written for Smart Phones & devices running the Windows Mobile operating system. It sends and receives SMS text messages. Its compact design makes it quicker, and easier to use than the Windows Mobile native SMS Text Messaging application.

  • Uses your device's existing contacts list. Your contacts with a phone number in the "Mobile" category will automatically appear in MoblMsg.
  • Simple interface. Everything you need is in one simple window. Switch from Inbox to Outbox to Compose with a click of a button.
  • No more endless scrolling through your list of contacts. The MoblMsg contact list is limited to only those people you can send a text message to which makes scrolling for a person very quick.
  • Slider bar lets you expand the bottom windows to get a full view of your contact or "sent to" lists.
  • Quick and Easy Group list creation. Just select the names and save as a group. The groups you created are displayed at the top of your contacts list for easy retrieval.
  • You may exclude or add persons before sending a message to a Group list. The WM resident SMS requires that you send messages to the entire group and you can't exclude anyone.
  • Call anyone in your MoblMsg contacts list with just a couple clicks. Respond to a message with a phone call by clicking a button.
  • Many different color combinations to choose from. Customize the look of your MoblMsg.
  • Many different sound notifications to choose from. Choose from 20 different sounds or add your own sounds.
  • Message Length Counter shows you how many characters you have left to type before your message will be split and sent as two messages.
  • Elegant Message Splitting Outgoing messages that are split won't be split in the middle of a word.
  • Canned Replies- Choose from a list of pre programmed replies and save yourself some typing.

  • Windows Mobile OS 5.x or 6.x
  • 1250 KB free disk space for program installation.
  • 2 MB free RAM recommended.
  • MS Outlook Address Book installed on device.
  • VGA and standard resolutions.
  • Designed for use in Vertical Mode but can be used in Horizontal mode.
  • MoblMsg uses your device’s Outlook Address Book for names and phone numbers.
  • In order for a contact to appear in MoblMsg’s list of contacts, the phone number must be listed in the MOBILE category. If a number appears in the WORK or HOME category, for example, it will not appear in MoblMsg.
  • For best results, phone numbers must be preceded with the Area Code.