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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Calc plus v1.00

Calc plus v1.00 |
Price: Free

Hi. This is the first app from PDA4PDA developers .This application, is very easy to use and finger friendly. Also it has programming ability.so you can write any program for easy with it and recall your program any time. This program also has CMD using feature that means you can use commands, for doing your calculations and it has some mere abilities like using variants. For using this, you have to go to "My functions" tab and click on CMD button. But don’t worry! if you want to start programming with it, it's very easy. You can use the programs help to learn it fast. :Features Easy To Use Programming ability Scientific features Finger Friendly Nice Design Skin able Multiscreen Very large numbers support with using Scientific notation Light *For add your functions to "My functions" part, you have to copy .func files to "Main memory/My .functions" folder programmer: Pooya parsa PINGsft[at]gmail.com Graphics and help translator: Nima heravi pda4pda[at]gmail.com Graphics: Arash nikkhah Arasheek96[at]yahoo.com apps.PDA4PDA.com

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