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Friday, October 1, 2010

GogTasks v2.41

GogTasks v2.41 |
Price: Free

GogTasks is a tool for synchronizing tasks between Pocket Outlook and Google Task. That is the task list you get either at the right hand side of Google Calendar or when you access it directly at the Google Tasks Canvas. GogTasks also provides a user interface for administrating the tasks which better suit the Google Tasks functionality than the stock Pocket Outlook Tasks Editor. Also, the UI is designed to allow finger control instead of the use of a stylus.

Warning: GogTasks make use of an unofficial service from Google. There is no guarantee that Google doesn't make breaking changes tomorrow that renders this software useless. See www.gogtasks.com for updated status on this.

Key features:
# Synchronize tasks with Google Tasks
# Supports both standard Google Account (gmail) and Google Apps Accounts
# Insert, delete and edit tasks
# Move tasks internally in lists
# Indentation

Use this together with Cookies Home Tab, which gives you tasks on the home tab on your phone, and you have a really powerful setup that gives you full control over your daily tasks.