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Saturday, October 16, 2010

PhoneWeaver v2.2

PhoneWeaver v2.2 |
The ultimate profiles and phone management solution.

PhoneWeaver brings a package of essential utilities designed to complement Windows Mobile phones. Including a real profiling management system, Today plug-in, service counters, radio activation buttons and more!

Use the Profile Manager to define smart profiles that are activated manually or automatically based on time, appointments or phone state. Profiles can control your phone radio, Wi-Fi, push mail, Bluetooth, ringer, vibrate state and more! PhoneWeaver also adds a straightforward plug-in to your Today screen to easily switch profiles, control phone radios and track service counters. The PhoneWeaver Menu provides complete phone management through a tray-bar shortcut. Additional must-have utilities are included, designed to complete the missing features in Windows Mobile phones.

What’s New in PhoneWeaver 2.2?

1. Switch between PhoneWeaver Popup panels also with stylus navigation
2. Define custom interval for Push email checkups
3. Change logged Cell ID to the same number used in the INI file
4. Bug fix: Taskbar icon on 320×320 has been fixed
5. Bug fix: Setting maximum backlight levels in General screen
6. Bug fix: Changing duration in a manual timed profile and pressing save or Ok
7. Bug fix: Default value for headset in a power profile

Requirements : Windows Mobile 2003/5/6.x