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Saturday, October 16, 2010

S2P (Slide 2 Play) v1.4

S2P (Slide 2 Play) v1.4 |
S2P is a stylus-free MP3/MP4/M4A/AAC/WMA/WAV/M3U/PLS/ASX player application. It simply lets you browse your music files & play. It fully integrates with S2U2; & supports A2DP & AVRCP.

- folder/file based playback; stylus free interface; easily browse & search your music
- support MP3/MP4/M4A/AAC/WMA/WAV music files (MP4/M4A/AAC requires WMP has proper decoder built-in)
- support M3U/PLS/ASX playlists
- support ID3/M4A/WMA tags: artist, album, title, genre, album art & lyrics
- edit your favorite On-The-Go playlists
- sleep timer; automatic screen turn off timer
- support A2DP & AVRCP (may not work on some devices/ROM)
- support HTC wired remote (may not work on some devices/ROM)
- full integration with S2U2 - support multi-language

v1.4 (14 September 2010):
* improved the responseness of the letter index bar.
* improved the album pic caching speed in the Albums list.
* auto hide MP4/M4A/AAC files if WMP does not have proper decoder built-in.
* fixed the start-up problem if the music library contained Nokia AAC ringtones.
* fixed the backward playback & repeat single did not work in v1.3.
* fixed an occasional start-up error if Bluetooth was already on.
* tuned down the scrolling sensitivity of all lists (again).
* a few minor bugs fixed.

Requirements : PPC WM5, WM6 - WM6/6.1/6.5 Professional devices (with built-in Windows Media Player)


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