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Friday, October 1, 2010

Salat Reminder - SMS v0.96

Salat Reminder - SMS v0.96 |
Price: Free

What does this application do?
•Gets 5 prayer times per day for current year. So you don’t have to find the times every day*.
•Sends SMS reminder to a friend, family or to yourself (multiple recipients), 10 minutes before the prayer time**.
•It does not run in the background (saves battery/memory/processor).
•Wakes up PPC from suspend/sleep mode and send SMS.
•Sets reminder as Appointment (default is set as task).
•Sends Test Message.

Tested on:
•HTC Touch Pro2 / Tilt 2 / Rhodium with Energy Rom Windows Mobile 6.5
•HTC HD 2 / Leo with Windows Mobile 6.5
•HTC Herald / Wing / P4350 with Windows Mobile 6.5
•LG Incite with Windows Mobile 6.1

•Thanks to IslamcFinder.org asp server for all times’ calculations.
•Thanks to Eboelzner’s for Sense Interface SDK 1.39
•Ryan, Vadim_Bogaiskov, TheChemistree and FBeheiry for testing!
•Vadim_Bogaiskov for Русский язык translation.
•TheChemistree for Melayu translation.
•FBeheiry for Arabic translation.

•Arabic (العربية)
•Malay (Melayu)
•Russian (Русский язык)

You may not disassemble, decompile, or reverse-engineer this application.
You have no right to sell this product.
You can accept this License Agreement by downloading Salat Reminder - SMS.CAB file.

Posts your errors on forum.xda-developers.
If you email/pm me, make sure you enter "Salat Reminder - SMS (Support)" under subject.

•Pray/Dua should work!

Short How to:
1.Download and Install the application.
2.Select Option button then Calendar Settings.
3.Enter you location info, Calculation Method and hit Update.
4.Hit OK. When it asks to select a contact select any contact (you have to put atleast a number in there)
5.Hit OK. Now you should see all the times.
6.If you scroll down the the bottom, you will see a button with timer. Hitting it will stop the timer.
7.Now set options as desired. From the option menu.

•NET Compact Framework 3.5
•Windows Mobile 6.x
•Touch Screen