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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Download Rayman

The main story of Rayman is something like this:
"Mister Dark wants to become its ruler, and to meet his goal, he has kidnapped and imprisoned all the Toons, these tiny elements essential to the light and life of the universe. Rayman is the latest hope; he's the only one who can go and free the Toons, and get to Mister Dark's lair to wipe him out."

All I know is that once I started playing, I couldn't stop.


8 worlds and 31 levels, full of animations and cartoon-like graphics.
Game play is based on the Rayman body and its magical abilities (Punching, Grabbing, the Helicopter, etc.).
Quick and intuitive controls
"Highly attractive Universe" presenting a huge, cartoon-like action game.
On-line play: synchronize your PDA and confront other players' ghosts in special turn-based races.
Windows CE 3.0, Palm OS 3.1
Minimum memory for Pocket PC: 3.8 MB;
Minimum memory for Palm: 1.7 MB (grayscale) or 1.98 MB (color)
Requires Internet access and Windows 98/2000
Compatible devices: Casio Cassiopeia, Compaq iPAQ, Palm Vx, Handspring Prism