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Monday, October 8, 2007


Now you can play the world`s most popular word game on your Pocket PC device! The Handmark SCRABBLE Game for the Pocket PC is designed to play just like the classic board game.

It utilizes a select-and-drop tile placement interface, a built-in Official Scrabble Player`s Dictionary and saves partially completed games to be continued at any time. Install the optional full definition dictionary to view the definitions of each word as they are played!

Choose to play in either Friendly or Tournament mode. Friendly mode is like a casual family game where you can choose to accept words outside the standard rules.

Choose the Tournament mode and you are playing by the classic Scrabble rules. Includes challenges that automatically check the built-in Official Scrabble Player`s Dictionary!

Practice your SCRABBLE skills when you play against the automated computer opponent. Choose the skill level of your opponent: Easy, Medium, or Hard.

Play against one, two or three opponents using one device and the Handmark SCRABBLE game will hide your tile rack from your opponents. Play against opponents using multiple devices