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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chopper Rescue v1.0

chopper Rescue | v1.0 | 3,949 KB | Download


PPC : Game


Chopper Rescue - It's time to separate the real men from the boys! So unless you're pumping pure liquid metal through your veins, don't even think about accepting this mission.

Your sole purpose is to search and rescue left behind POWS and to destroy any hostile forces you encounter. You'll need to navigate your attack Chopper through no less than 25 stunning combat missions, while all the time fighting of heat-seeking missiles, hostile ground fire, heavily armed tanks, airplanes... and much more.


- 25 combat missions with increasing difficulty!
- Campaign and Survivor Modes
- Hall of Fame (survivor mode only)!
- Stunning sound effects and air traffic speech
- Several different battle soundtracks
- Smashing hi-color graphics and animations
- Options screen for sound & music
- Landscape mode play
- Support for left-handed players (flip screen)
- Continue last game or New game option
- Exciting and addictive gameplay
- In-game helpscreen

Minimume Requirement

Pocket PC 2002
Windows Mobile® 2003
Windows Mobile® 2003SE
Windows Mobile® 5.0


Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
Smartphone Smartphone 2003 SE
Smartphone Smartphone 2003
Smartphone Smartphone 2002