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Sunday, May 18, 2008

IA Phone Manager v1.3

IA Phone Manager | v1.3 | 1,752 KB | Download


PPC : Software


IA Phone Manager - IA Phone Manager uses Infrared beaming, BluetoothTM, or wired cable to connect data on GSM mobile phones and Pocket PCs. (A Bluetooth phone can be synchronized with a Bluetooth-equipped Pocket PC such as the iPAQ 3870, and can also be synchronized with a regular Pocket PC that has a PCMCIA or CompactFlash Bluetooth card installed.) IA Phone Manager takes the chaos out of managing phonebook data and short messages. A powerful and easy-to-use tool, IA Phone Manager is a must-have companion for your mobile phone.

IA Phone Manager is tightly linked with Contacts database for:

- Importing/exporting contact information to and from Contacts.
- Fast retrieval and display of sender/receiver's detailed information.

You can dial directly from IA Phone Manager once the target phone number is selected. IA Phone Manager also detects and reports your phone's status, such as model number, serial number, service provider, and how much space is left in your phone memory or SIM card.