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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Everquest Episode 2: Attack on Qeynos

Attack on Qeynos | 2 | 7,087 KB | Download


PPC : Game


The saga of EverQuest for the Pocket PC continues in Attack on Qeynos.

After defeating the powers of the Dark Heart, your character's journeys take you to the legendary city of Qeynos. Here, you will uncover a terrible plot to hand the city over to the troublesome Gnolls. Who's behind it?

Only you can save Qeynos in this exciting game from Sony Online and Emodiv.

The game is a level up role playing game. Players take on the role of an adventurer who's goal is to rescue the city of Qeynos from a betrayal by their gnoll neighbors.

EverQuest for the Pocket PC: Attack on Qeynos is a stand alone product.


- Four playable character classes.
- New monsters, weapon and spells.
- Side quests that deviate form the main story.
- Chests that can now contain either treasure or monsters.
- A whole new story that allows player to bring in characters from the original EverQuest for the Pocket PC game or start from scratch.


Requires Pocket PC 2002, ARM Processor, 6.7 MB of Storage