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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Webis Flexmail 2007

Webis Flexmail 2007 | 2007 | 2,549 KB | Download


PPC : Software


Webis Flexmail 2007 - Bring the power of Windows Mobile 6 to your Windows Mobile device today. Go beyond the basics of Windows Mobile 6 and upgrade to FlexMail! Winner of the multiple awards in 2004/2005/2006 from the Shareware Industry Conference and Pocket PC Magazine, FlexMail is a full fledged email client for your Windows Mobile device. It supports reading and replying to ActiveSync email for basic operations or through its infinitely more powerful POP3/IMAP4 services to your email server. With support for industry standard SSL and SOCKS proxies, you can connect to almost any email provider including GMail! Use FlexMail in addition to Windows Mobile Messaging or as a complete replacement.

FlexMail 2007 Revision 2 now brings Smartphone support, full IMAP IDLE support (Direct Email Push), hundreds of user interface improvements, implementation of tens of feature requests, and major reliability improvement. Its a whole new FlexMail in more ways than ever before.

With FlexMail's many options you can customize your email usage much more than the Windows Mobile device Messaging app allows. Receive your email via ActiveSync and respond via your POP3/IMAP4 SMTP account. Get immediate per email notifications via IMAP IDLE even when your Windows Mobile device is sleeping! Have FlexMail only hold the last 5 days of your IMAP folders. Create local folders and server folders. Synchronize by age, size, and synchronizations status on a per folder basis allowing you to get only the last 5 day's worth of email in your Inbox but the last months in your Personal folder, for example.