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Friday, July 17, 2009

Mobile Defender v1.0

Mobile Defender v1.0 | 192 KB | Download


Mobile Defender is application designed to protect your personal data in Windows Mobile 5 + powered mobile devices.

In case of lost or stolen mobile phone, a usual SMS will destroy all non volatile memory (Secure Digital, Multimedia Cards, Permanent File Stores etc) and will bring device in unusable state.

Only factory default reset can bring it into working state. Sometimes to preform this can be very tricky process involving in most cases contact with device''s manufacturer and possessing a prove of purchase. It works as transparent and silent gateway hidden into device''s operating memory. It cannot be terminated with Windows Mobile Task Manager - it is just not visible there. All messages are scanned for special pre-defined word. If this criteria is not found in the message body, message will be passed to the user as normal SMS. In case of incoming SMS with message equal to pre-defined word (case sensitive) two actions will be executed. 1) All non volatile file system will be secure erased. 2) Special kind of reset will occur bringing device to unusable state. The application itself consist of two components: Command Module and hidden module. The command module is the user interface where the hidden module can be started and stopped. Also user must set a phrase(intercepted SMS body) to be scanned for. This module is also responsible for product registration. The hidden module is the one that intercepts incoming SMS looking for criteria (phrase). Once started it will be resident in device''s memory even if hot reset is initiated.