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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speeed Reader v1.15

Speeed Reader v1.15 |
Price: Free

Speeed Reader is a Google Reader client for Windows Phones. It connects users to their Google Reader accounts, allowing them to view and share articles on their Windows Phones.

Follow Speeed Reader on Twitter for application updates and support! (http://twitter.com/SpeeedReader)

Finally, license key for Speeed Reader: 858Bf079Jj

Release History
v0.94 – March 22, 2010
* Enhancement: Implemented Google Reader’s new authentication model

V0.93 – November 19, 2009
  • Bug Fix: Crash when starting Speeed Reader with cachning disabled (introduced in v0.92)
  • Bug Fix: Minor layout issues in the UI

  • V0.92 – November 18, 2009
    • Bug Fix: Passwords containing ‘&’ result in login issue (fixes login issue for some users)
    • Bug Fix: Search index always zero
    • Bug Fix: Not requesting all new articles in last refresh (with caching enabled)
    • Bug Fix: Crash when starring a reading list article
    • Bug Fix: Reading List, Starred, Shared Lists unreadable when coming out of offline mode

    • V0.91 – November 11, 2009
      • New Feature: 2 new themes (Noir – dark/black, Beach – coral/turquoise)
      • Enhancement: When navigating between multi-page lists, Speeed Reader will remember your page
      • Enhancement: Added bytes transferred (estimate) to the about screen
      • Enhancement: General Performance Increases/Memory Management
      • Bug Fix: Storage Card in Non-English Locale’s Not ID’d Correctly
      • Bug Fix: Clicking last item in reading list causes a crash
      • Bug Fix: Download More articles index is inaccurate

      • V0.90 – October 23, 2009
        • New feature: Article Caching/Offline mode
        • New feature: Search
        • New feature: Share articles via email/sms
        • New feature: Download more articles for tag reading list
        • New feature: Mark (new) articles unread
        • New feature: Hide read subscriptions and articles
        • Enhancement: Now using Bit.ly for URL shortening
        • Enhancement: Dynamic manual article refreshing
        • Enhancement: Progress bar is back
        • Enhancement: Correct font sizes for QVGA devices
        • Enhancement: Newly designed settings UI
        • Enhancement: New Mirabyte Controls module
        • Bug Fix: Feed URLs contain ‘?’ now load correctly (no more “There are 0 articles to read”)

        • Future Features
          • Article caching and offline modes
          • Search
          • Some subscriptions will not have articles associated with them. If you click on a subscription and nothing happens, this is the issue.
          • Known Issues (to be fixed in future releases)
            • Any changes made to subscriptions, tags, etc. in the desktop client will not be reflected in Speeed Reader unless you restart the application

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Standard 5 , 6 , 6.1
    .Net CF 3.5