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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Auto-Rotate Config v1.20

Auto-Rotate Config v1.20 |
Price: Free

Auto-Rotate can configure the registry settings of built-in g-sensor auto-rotate service. This app is not resident, so, it consumes memory only when you are configuring rotation support.
This app was recommended by @WMRecommend.

User Guide
First, start the application that you like to auto-rotate.
Tap Start/Auto-Rotate.
Tap on Add. You will see a list of current running apps. Select your app from this list.
Tap OK.
Your application should rotate now.

Notes: Samsung's and HTC's auto-rotation service supports only one landscape angle. You don't need to add Opera, since it rotates itself.

Known to work on official GT-I8000 and GT-I8000L WM6.5 ROM. (IJ) Works on Samsung custom ROMs with original auto-rotate service. Works on HTC HD2, and other HTC Devices. Not all devices are supported.

Please fell free to send bug and feature requests using this thread. If you have WM 6.1 and custom ROMs please let me know if it works.


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