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Friday, July 30, 2010

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer v2.0

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer v2.0 |
Price: Free

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer can transfer all kinds of contacts from cellphone to PC. Manage contacts on PC and restore to cellphone as you wish.

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer is a simple program designed for mobile phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile. It can transfer contacts from cellphone to pc;Transfer both sim card contacts and outlook contacts;Transfer contacts to any other windows mobile phone. Transfer contacts customizer photos and ringtones;Manager contacts on pc.In a word, you can backup and manage mobile contacts easily on your pc with GodswMobile Contacts Transfer.

Many Windows Mobile Phone users find it is boresome to manager mobile contacts.Especially when the phone is lost,broken or reset, so they have to addcontacts one by one on the phone again. Now GodswMobile Contacts Transfer offers a full contacts transfer solution to transfer all contacts for Windows Mobile Phones.Also you could use this software to add contacts on pc first and then transfer to mobile later.Because adding contacts on pc is more convenient than on mobile as we know.
Here are some key features of "GodswMobile Contacts Transfer":

· Transfer Contacts from windows mobile to pc;
· Transfer both sim card contacts and mobile outlook contacts;
· Restore contacts to any other windows mobile phones;
· Including an app for Windows PC to view,add,delete,modify and print contacts;
· Save and restore contacts in case you break or lose your phone;
· Backup contacts as TXT file and CTS file;
· Backup contacts with photos and ringtones;
· Export Contacts to TXT file on PC;
· Fast backup and restore speed;
· Easy to use;
· Fully VGA and WVGA Screen.

Requirements : Windows Mobile 5/6.x


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