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Monday, July 19, 2010

rbBible v0.05

rbBible v0.05 |
Price: Free

is bible app for windows phones which uses the translations below, other translations to come in the future.

King James Version - KJV
New English Translation - NET
Elberfelder Übersetzung - GERELB
American Standard Version - ASV
Bible in Basic English - BBE
Tradução de João Ferreira... - JFA-RC
Swedish Bible - SWE
Dutch Statenvertaling - DUTSV
English Revised Version
Ceský Ekumenický Preklad
Ceská Bible Kralická
Bible Pro 21 Století

If you're having problems installing/running the app, you will be pleased to know that it is also available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, the installer in the marketplace installs the two sqlce cabs while the marketplace installs .NETCF.

Change Log 0.5

Book, Translation list and downloadble list now uses Microsoft gesture
Decided not to seperate OT/NT as the Microsoft gestures are faster and smoother
Book names now loaded from database
Verse view left/right gesture implemented, right to left = next while left to right = previous chapter
Chapter select includes verse input
Search now goes to the Chapter and corressponding verse
More translations added many thanks to Hundera


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