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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SBSH GoNews Touch v1.3.2

SBSH GoNews Touch v1.3.2 |
Personal daily newspaper for your Smart-phone!

The first personally-configured newspaper solution for your Windows Mobile device! GoNews Touch is a news-reader application that aggregates different headlines and articles from across the internet based on your personal configuration and caches it automatically to your mobile device, creating a newspaper-like interface that allows you to read through the daily headlines and articles even when your device is offline while you are on the move!

GoNews uses a powerful engine that can follow either simple RSS feeds or read complete web-page articles using special templates that will allow you to gather news from any web-site across the internet! With GoNews you can track news of any topic you like: politics, domestic news, high-tech, sports, economics, weather, culture or any other web-site!

Here are some key features of "GoNews Touch":

· GoNews content is divided to channels. Each channel stores articles from a specific web-site you track
· Easily organize channels in categories according to different topics. Create any category you want without limitation and easily switch between different categories
· Channel icons are automatically displayed when updating your content

· Within each channel you will find a list of latest articles downloaded on your most recent update
· Easily see which articles were read or new articles still not read
· Supporting both RSS and full-text articles with images
· Articles list including thumbnails

Your Personal Newspaper:
· Configure GoNews to track web-site you like and define the content you would like to read with GoNews
· Supports all RSS versions. Simply enter RSS stream URL to add new channels
· Supporting full-text articles with images using special templates used to parse any web-site you wish to include

Touch Designed:
· Fully designed for touch navigation. Easily navigate through your channels and read articles with finger navigation only with no need to use the stylus anymore
· Featuring our Touch Tray Bar interface on all different views for complete control
· Using Touch Scrolling technology to easily scroll through the list of channels and articles

Innovation Inside:
· Configure GoNews to automatically download headlines content at specific times
· Full support for all screen orientations and resolutions
· Create and download new templates that can be used to aggregate news content from any web-site

What's New With GoNews Touch 1.3?

1. Windows Mobile Non-Touch Support
The first major change with this new version is the new support for Windows Mobile devices without touch screens, aka Windows Mobile Smartphone devices.

Since the first day GoNews Touch was released we've received many requests from our users looking for a Smartphone supporting version and we are very glad to introduce today the first GoNews version supporting also Smartphone devices.

GoNews Smartphone version offers the same set of features as the Windows Mobile Touch version offers, with a few user interface changes that make sure the display and usage are optimal for use with Smartphone devices. While the design and navigation for touch devices is all about touch and finger friendly, when used on Smartphone devices the navigation is much more D-Pad oriented and dial-pad, unlike the touch-designed version.

All upcoming updates of GoNews starting from this version and to the future will affect both touch and non-touch versions of GoNews B)

We know that many of our were waiting to see GoNews reach the Smartphone market and hope you will enjoy using GoNews on your Smartphones!

2. Sorted Channels List
Many of our users have been asking to see the channels list better sorted and with this new version you will find that your channels list is alphabetically sorted, making it much easier to navigate through your channels list.

3. Faster Updates, Graphical Improvements and Simpler Interface
As with all previous updates, this new version continues to improve GoNews content download speed, reducing the time it takes to perform your daily content updates. With this new version we've implemented additional good code optimizations with GoNews engine making it the fastest GoNews release we had until today!

In addition to speed improvements you will notice we've updated sections of the graphics with new and better looking graphics. We've also implemented small navigation changes that makes it much simpler and more intuitive to use GoNews - especially when it comes to the New Channel Wizard section of the application.

Requirements : WM5/WM6