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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wacky Rabbits v1.0

Wacky Rabbits v1.0 |
Price: Free

Darn those wacky rabbits! Your prized carrots are ready to be harvest but the local herd of rabbits have other ideas. They want the carrots for themselves. Don’t underestimate these rabbits because they are brighter than they look. So, grab your gun and shoot those rabbits before it’s too late. Your survival is at stake so dish out revenge on those rabbits. Collect points along the way for other items showing up, but watch out not to shoot your own carrots or you will lose out.

Intuitive gameplay for touchscreen.
Realistic sound effects.
Addictive gameplay.
Multiple levels and different skill settings.
Lots and lots of rabbits!

Requirements :
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.5
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.0
Pocket PC WVGA resolution (fullscreen 800x480 480x800)
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
Pocket PC Square VGA resolution (480x480)
Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
Pocket PC Square 320x320 resolution
Pocket PC WQVGA resolution (400x240 240x400)
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (240x320)
Pocket PC 3D Accelerator (Axim x50v/x51v)