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Friday, May 2, 2008

Rocket Elite v2.01

Rocket Elite | v2.01 | 5036 KB | Download


Once it is loaded, we dare you to stop!! Rocket Elite capitalizes on the strengths of handheld devices to create what many have said is, “perhaps the best Pocket PC game ever created.”


- Compete head-2-head against another player over Infrared, Wired, or Wireless TCP/IP using the power-ups, weapons, and ship upgrades available in the single player game.
- Smart AI opponents of varying difficulties and devastating weapons, all upgradeable.
- Unlimited Replayability. In addition to all the levels that come with the game, players can create or download additional single level or multilevel "campaign style" add-ons for use with RocketElite.
- Each level has unique graphics and environmental effects to deal with and adapt to.
- All levels in the single player campaign are also designed for multiplayer deathmatch.
- When you're done playing you'll scratch your head and say, "Wow, I didn't realize this was possible on PocketPC!"

Minimume Requirement

Pocket PC