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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4Pinball Expansion Level Halloween Edition

4Pinball Expansion Level Halloween Edition | 897 KB | Download


4Pinball takes pinball on the Pocket PC to new levels with fast, smooth, vertically scrolling hi-colour tables, much larger than the screen area of your PPC. This addictive and highly challenging game is possibly the most fun you'll have on your Pocket PC.


- Massive scrolling Pinball tables, 3 screens and more high.
- Large scrolling playfields make play fast, easy on the eye, uncramped and spacious compared to other single screen PPC pinball games
- Includes 2 great tables with more add on tables coming soon.
- Each carefully crafted table features custom graphics and is packed with custom multi-channel sound effects and in-game speech.
- Smooth hi-color graphics with realistic ball movement at up to 50 fps.
- Particle and lighting effects put to great use for smashing targets, ramming into catchers, ball launches and more.
- Multiple flippers available (tables included feature 3).
- Zoom round loops, hurtle through warps, smash targets, bounce off bumpers and buffers.
- Activate triggers, lock the ball in catchers, fly through spinners, open and close gates.
- Bonus multiplyer and score multiplier systems with on-table display lights;
- Extra Ball, Multi-Ball, Jackpot, Bumber Attack and Point Buster modes.
- Multi directional touch screen tilt.
- Fully definable key layouts with left and right handed screen modes.
- Hi-Scores for each table to record your epic games.