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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mobirate Motogear v1.1

Mobirate Motogear | v1.1 | 1767 KB | Download


MotoGear is a bike simulation game, it is mobile Elastomania.
Online ladder server for records, compete against other people for fastest level time.
Levels from Elastomania are supported. Create levels on DesktopPC and play on your PDA.


- Real Elastomania physics
- 2 paks with more that 100 levels (more to come)
- Additional level paks
- Support for levels made for Elastomania.
- Create your own levels for game.
- 2 graphics skins for levels (more to come)
- Save and view the replays
- Upload replays to ladder
- Online ladder for BestBikers
- Tournaments with prizes
- Customizable controls for better game feeling