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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Talking English to Japanese Dictionary Phrasebook

Talking English to Japanese Dictionary Phrasebook | 8173 KB | Download


If you travel to Japan and do not know Japanese this is an essential tool to have.

The Talking English-Japanese Dictionary phrasebook for mobile devices is easier to use than regular dictionary. It is optimized for travelers and - best of all - it is talking in perfect Japanese*!

Don't miss the chance to start learning a new language, be able to find your way, ask for help or even score a date!


- 256 survival phrases organized in 14 categories
- Japanese translations given in Latin and not in Japanese
- Sound pronunciation of each phrase
- The sound clips are performed by live actors, not synthesized
- Powered by BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro
- Expandable with unidirectional and bidirectional language dictionaries for BDicty
- Easy self-installing EXE format for Windows® users or cross-platform ZIP format of the installation files
- Rich documentation