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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catacombs of Arnak v1.01

Catacombs of Arnak | v1.01 | 1105 KB | Download


"The remains of the great wizard Arnak the Opener were interred in a vast set of caverns near Cathness. Recently, the caverns which house his remains were disturbed in order to recover his magical hammer. Arnak rose from the grave and tried to prevent it from being taken, but his spirit was not strong enough. A group of monks and priests went to pay homage to the remains of Arnak. Upon arriving on the spot where his corpse fell, they discovered the remains were gone!

"The scholars believe that his angry spirit still roams the catacombs that are a part of his tomb. While it is uncertain that his spirit can be put to rest, he has certainly brought denizens of the darkness to the lands. Find the restless spirt of Arnak and put him to sleep. Otherwise the darkness that encroaches on the tomb will continue to grow more powerful."


• Real time dungeon adventuring
• Random item generation, with magical properties
• Map window
• Variable game environments (tombs, forests, mountains)
• Load/Save Game
• Quick access buttons for healing and using items