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Monday, July 7, 2008

Map Travel Top Cities Dublin v1.0

Map Travel Top Cities Dublin | v1.0 | 6053 KB | Download


Discover and explore Dublin using full colour interactive linked maps, in this simple to use PDA version of The Rough Guide Dublin Map.

Find all the top tourist spots and key attractions with ease, information on the city and its sights can be quickly displayed with links to photographs and map locations. All in a superb easy to use interface.

If you're travelling to Dublin, be sure you don't leave home without this guide on your PDA.


- Fully scrollable and interactive maps of the city.
- Tap any location to display information and available links.
- Intuitive navigation bar meaning you are never more than one click away from the information you require.
- Map links allow you to directly link to other maps, photographs, or detailed views.
- Categorised Find feature allowing you to quickly find any street, place of interest or station.
- Categorised Information feature providing a wealth of information on the city, places of interest, etc.
- 1-Click Home feature, keeping the Home map always at hand.
- Zoom function on all maps.