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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AIM Shame Game Erotic Video Puzzle v1.0

Game Erotic Video Puzzle | v1.0 | 10746 KB | Download


Tired of playing the Same Game over and over? Well, now you can add some real excitement to this popular popping game concept with SHAME GAME!

Gorgeous chicks start undressing in REAL MOTION VIDEO while the screen is filled with coloured bricks. Tap 3 or more adjacent bricks to make them dissapear. Try to keep the playfield clear as new lines of bricks are added at the bottom. Piling up bricks to the top of the screen will lead to "Game Over", which would be a real SHAME, as you will never see the most interesting parts of the video! There are 5 levels with increasing difficulty and more nudity as you progress.

Another classy erotic game with full motion video brought to you by Cherrysoft, the leading label in adult entertainment for your Pocket PC !


- Erotic Pocket PC game with high quality motion video
- Live action babes performing life-like striptease
- Solve 5 levels with increasing difficulty and more nudity in the higher levels
- Replay video's of previously beaten levels
- Shamegame comes standard with 2 models Cathy and Judy !
- EXTRA Add-on models coming soon !
- Installation of game and/or add-on models on external memory cards (CF/SD/MMC) possible
- Compatible with all ARM, X-Scale powered Pocket PC's running Pocket PC 2000, 2002 or 2003