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Monday, June 8, 2009

CompeGPS Pocket Pro v2.71

CompeGPS Pocket Pro v2.71 | 2746 KB | Download


CompeGPS Pocket PRO is a software specially designed for GIS (Geographic Information Systems) professionals that brings to you the chance to edit vector maps on site, so your PDA will become the most versatile

and powerful tool.

This application have the standard CompeGPS Pocket Land functions available (map viewing, route/waypoint creation, live navigation, etc.) and adds the special function of viewing and editing vector maps on *.SHP

format, with their corresponding data base. This way you will be able to verify the information of your map and correct or improve it considering the GPS information.

CompeGPS Pocket PRO reaches its maximum power when used cooperatively with PC version of the program. It enables the importation of *.SHP, *.DWG y *.DXF files with official OpenDesign license and the

conversion to Pocket PRO compatible formats. In addition to this, the great variety of tools of CompeGPS Land (PC) will allow a much deeper and detailed analysis of the information.


· Windows Mobile 2003 or 5
· CompeGPS Land/Air to import the SHP files so they can be opened on CompeGPS Pocket PRO